Supported living

We understand the importance of personalised support.

Our supported living is a great option

for people who are ‘stepping down’ from residential care or moving away from home and who are making the transition to living independently in the community to real have an option and support to live independently

Supported Living

Everyone’s support needs are different

Some people only need occasional support around the home, while others with more complex or challenging needs which may require a round-the-clock service. It’s vital that the people we support are living in the right environment for them. We work with people and their families to work out what type of support – and what support environment – will best suit their needs. In short, they tell us how they would like their support to be delivered.

At Elyon Healthcare we work closely with a range of housing associations, private landlords and estate agents so that individuals can access mainstream housing and live as independently as possible in the best setting for them.

We also help people to get fully involved in their communities and to have the same opportunities as everyone else. We work with them and their circle of support, as well as other carers and social services to do this

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